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Two years ago, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal let Confederate History Month die after a white supremacist massacred 9 people at a black church in Charleston, South Carolina.

Now, however, one Republican member of the Georgia House wants to bring Confederate History month back.

Georgia Rep. Tommy Benton

“We just elected a president that said he was tired of political correctness. And so that was the reason that we were looking to introduce the resolution,” said Rep. Tommy Benton. “We think that our heritage is just as important as everybody else’s.”

Benton introduced HR 644, which would re-establish April as Confederate History Month, as well as re-establishing April 26th as Confederate Memorial Day.

The resolution, which makes no mention of slavery, refers to April as the month that “the Confederate States of America began and ended a four-year struggle for states’ rights, individual freedom, and local governmental control, which they believed to be right and just.”

Last year, Benton – a member of the Georgia Sons of Confederate Veterans – told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the Ku Klux Klan “was not such a racist thing but a vigilante thing to keep law and order.”

Georgia’s Legislative Black Caucus held a news conference to condemn the bill.

Several other states still celebrate Confederate History Month as well as Confederate Memorial Day, including Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi, and Texas. If the bill passes, Georgia would rejoin them.

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