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In the history of the presidency, no president has seen his approval rating as low in his third month as Donald Trump’s has been. Today, his approval rating dropped to an all-new low.

The Monday after his healthcare bill failed due to Republican opposition, Trump’s approval rating is at 36%, Gallup reports. That’s down from 41% on Friday – the day the bill went down. And it’s lower than Obama’s approval rating ever dropped.

Trump’s previous low was 37%.

At the same time, Trump’s disapproval rating rose to 57%. At the same point in Obama’s presidency, he had a 65% approval rating and a 29% disapproval rating, according to Gallup.

It wasn’t until 2011 – over two years into his presidency – that Obama’s approval rating came close to Trump’s current rating. That year, Obama recorded his lowest approval rating ever, at 38%, following years of angst over the Affordable Care Act and a still struggling economy.

Obama would meet that same 38% approval again in 2014, amidst fears over Ebola and a tumultuous midterm.

In fact, few presidents have ever recorded an approval rating as low as Trump’s. Bill Clinton bottomed out at 37% in 1993. Gerald Ford fell to 37% in January and March of 1975. John F. Kennedy’s lowest approval rating was 56% and Dwight Eisenhower’s was 48%.

Among those who did record lower approval ratings than Trump, Ronald Reagan and Lyndon Johnson both bottomed out 1-point lower at 35%.

Trump is currently 11-points ahead of George W. Bush lowest approval rating of 25%. But Bush hit that mark after 8 years of turmoil, from the Iraq War, to the Hurricane Katrina debacle, and finally the 2008 financial crash.

He’s 7-points above George H. W. Bush’s lowest approval rating of 29%, 8-points above Jimmy Carter’s 28%, and 12-points ahead of Richard Nixon’s 24% that came in the midst of the Watergate scandal.

One bright spot? He’s 14-points above the lowest approval rating ever recorded – Harry Truman’s 22%. Trump can, perhaps, take solace in the fact that Truman is now mostly remembered fondly as a good – if not great – president.

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