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Business owner Stacey Wilkes has won the race for the seat for Mississippi House District 108, having won enough votes to avoid a runoff.

She’ll go to Jackson having spent the final week of the campaign focused on two key issues: her unyielding loyalty to Donald J. Trump and her affirmation of the Confederate-emblem-bearing Mississippi State Flag.

She attacked her opponent, Tavish Kelly, multiple times for his prior opposition to Trump. A mailer that went out in the final days of the campaign featured a screenshot of a Facebook post by Kelly from October 8th in which he called on Republicans to ensure Trump went down in defeat. Kelly said the post was in response to the release of an old Access Hollywood tape in which Trump could be heard bragging about kissing women and grabbing them by their genitalia without permission.

The flyer, which was paid for by State Senator Angela Burks Hill – a Wilkes supporter – even claimed Kelly would allow marijuana dispensaries in downtown Picayune.

Wilkes made no secret of her support for Trump. On her official campaign page, she posted a screenshot of a t-shirt of hers, on which there was a red and blue Republican elephant with a pink bowtie atop its head and a caption that read, “Classy, Sassy, and Deplorable.”

As for the state flag, Wilkes declared her support for it Sunday, saying she is against “historic cleansing” and “in favor of preserving historical monuments.”

The seat had been held by Mark Formby for 25 years, but he vacated it earlier this year to accept an appointment by Governor Phil Bryant.

Wilkes, who won an election in which only 14% of voters turned out, will begin serving in January, at the start of the 2018 legislative session.

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