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Seattle newspaper nixes unnecessary ‘landmass,’ replaces it with Alabama

Once upon a time – during Hurricane Issac in 2012 – the Weather Channel landed in the hot seat when it referred to Mississippi as “the landmass between New Orleans and Mobile” (allegedly, anyway; “landmass” appears to have been a satirical derivative of a comment by an anchor who referred to the Louisiana and Alabama “border”).

As Tropical Storm Harvey batters the Texas coast, the Seattle Times isn’t even giving Mississippi the benefit of a landmass. Now, the aforementioned ‘landmass’ is just Alabama. See for yourself:

While the folks of the mythical land of Mississippi will be displeased to find themselves squeezed into the space of an imaginary border, Mobile and New Orleans look towards the potential economic benefits of their newfound close proximity.

Mississippians can comfort themselves with the state anthem, “I Can’t Get No Validation.”

Update: The Seattle Times has updated their Twitter with a corrected map and an apology:

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