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In an emotional excerpt from Hillary Clinton’s forthcoming book What Happened that leaked on Twitter, the 2016 popular vote winner revealed the childhood fears that haunted her in the lead up to the election. They centered around her father, Hugh Rodham, who died in 1993 at the age of 82 – just months after Clinton became the First Lady of the United States:

“It’s a story about unconditional love—the love of a father, and also the Father, who is always ready to love us, no matter how often we stumble and fall. It makes me think of my dad, a flinty, tight-lipped man who nevertheless always made sure I knew what I meant to him. “I won’t always like what you do,” he’d tell me, “but I will always love you.” As a kid, I would come up with elaborate hypotheses to test him. “What if I robbed a store or murdered somebody? Would you still love me then?” He’d say, “Absolutely! I’d be disappoitned and sad, but I will always love you.” Once or twice last November, “Well, Dad, what if I lose an election I should have won and let an unqualified bully become President of the United States?”

What Happened releases on September 12th.

Young Hillary Rodham with her brothers and parents, Hugh and Dorothy Rodham.

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